Stir fry

I think by now you know what an extended Sorting Dinner hiatus means. It means that life has gone a bit mad. Here are the ways in which it has gone mad: 1. Goodbye, Sevenoaks, Hello, Birmingham! If I was feeling musical and creative right now I'm sure I could improvise A Chorus Line parody … Continue reading Stir fry


Pasta with broccoli cheese sauce

Today felt like a milestone. Simon corrected my American accent. Now Americans don't think I sound American anymore. The British don't like to come out and ask because they're worried I'll get offended if I'm actually, say, Canadian. So they often say Northern Irish, occasionally Scottish. Simon's ear is evolving, but he doesn't know what … Continue reading Pasta with broccoli cheese sauce

Sweet potatoes & apples

At nursery they had a Christmas tree. It was decorated with pictures of all the kids fashioned into little paper ornaments. Now that Christmas is over, said ornaments have been bestowed upon us proud parents as keepsakes for Christmases yet to come. Well, dear readers, not sure how much of a keepsake this is. It … Continue reading Sweet potatoes & apples

Lentil & goat’s cheese salad

Happy holidays/New Year! It's been a busy few weeks at Sorting Dinner, what with Thanksgiving, Christmas, wedding anniversary, New Year's, and Simon's birthday. I'll catch up with the relevant recipes in the coming weeks. Now that we're in January resolution mode I figured I'd start healthy and work my way backwards. Enter this salad recipe … Continue reading Lentil & goat’s cheese salad

Sweet potato & egg skillet

Phrase of the week: 'I'm all puffed out.' Translation: Being out of breath. Context: 3-year old, flopping on a bench having run circles round the perimeter of the park. Source: Unknown, although I expect nursery plays a role. And if you've done a bit of exercise and fancy a bit of artery clogging I can … Continue reading Sweet potato & egg skillet